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India is changing rapidly in aspects of life. The effect of westernization is one of the main factors responsible for societal changes, mostly related to living standards, changing diets, and accordingly a change of product lines in the retailers. There are about 1.22 billion people in India, with around 120 million cows & buffalos. There is a long tradition of milk production and consumption (based on small units), cooperative structures, and a tradition of selling milk over the counter in the street, milk that consumed fresh.

70% of the population lives in the countryside with only 30% based in cities; however with the trend of urbanization this is changing. The dairy market is very much fragmented and the government involvement is limited. In the near future as a result of all the changes the dairy chain itself will change. The pace of the change is a multi factorial issue mostly depending on the government, government rules and their implantation. Food safety and food security are very much on top of the agenda in India and it will remain in the near future as food and feeding this huge population is crucial for sustainable growth of this ancient culture. Continue reading.